Cecilia McPhain

Templar, Knight Captain of Sereschar


Weapon: Templar Sword, shield
Secondary weapon: Crossbow
Other Stats N/A
Associated characters: Alistair


Cecilia is the daughter of Starkhaven merchants, who were in Ostwick at her birth. Several lean years forced them to give her to the Starkhaven Chantry at 12, however Cecilia saw them often. At 20, she had the option of leaving the Chantry, but had no training in any craft, so she took Templar vows instead and claimed a life of servitude to the Knight Vigilant. She was sent to Ferelden, first to the Circle and later to the Templar checkpoint of Sereschar. Though Greagoir had a Knight Captain in the tower, Cecilia was made a secondary Knight Captain so that he could focus his attentions on the Circle, and she had a fast track to promotion, despite not being in the Marches or Orlais.

While she the Knight Captain of Sereschar, a recruit by the name of Alistair was sent to her for training. She received blame for the events of ‘Lyrium and Lies’ (and Alistair was returned to Redcliffe’s chantry), but her exact role in the catastrophe is unknown. She served the year of 29 Dragon in prison at Aeonar, and as of King Cailan’s call for soldiers, is on her way to Ostagar. It is unknown whether or not she still speaks to her family.

Cecilia McPhain

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